Playbill Venues – Hordern Pavilion & Royal Hall of Industries

At Playbill Venues you have a choice of two unique venues, the Hordern Pavilion and the Royal Hall of Industries.

The Hordern Pavilion, set in the Moore Park precinct features an historic façade and is a versatile venue packed with potential. From film premieres, gala dinners and product launches, this venue can do it all, featuring tiered, retractable seating for up to 3500 people, an impressive dome ceiling and full air-conditioning.

The Royal Hall of Industries also in Moore Park is majestic, grand and most impressively it’s rich in history. Boasting a striking vaulted ceiling and magnificent cathedral windows, this beautifully restored venue is proudly reminiscent of its past glory, offering a blank canvas perfect to host an array of special events.

Capacity: RHI up to 4000 cocktail style, Hordern up to 3000 cocktail style
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